What is 1 1/4 Handicap? Tips for Playing 1.25 Handicap from Experts (86 อ่าน)

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<p dir="ltr">The 1 1/4 handicap is known for its fast winning capability and high winning odds. For newcomers entering this casino game, it's essential to gather relevant information. Therefore, the following article from Win tips will introduce the experience of betting on 1 1/4 handicap compiled from experts.

<p dir="ltr">What is the 1 1/4 Handicap? Specific Examples of this Bet

<p dir="ltr">The 1 1/4 handicap is also known as the 1.25 handicap or 1 and a quarter goal handicap. This type of bet applies to every match where two teams have different strengths. It's a relatively easy type of bet, but many people still confuse it.

<p dir="ltr">With this bet, the upper-hand team will give the lower-hand team 1.25 goals. If the upper team beats the lower team by more than 1.25 points, it means they win. In that case, those who bet on the upper team will win. Here's a specific explanation of the 1.25 handicap ratio between teams A and B during a match.

<p dir="ltr">At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins the game. Those who bet according to the above will win enough money. Conversely, players who bet on the weaker team will lose all their bets.

<p dir="ltr">When both teams play, if they draw by 1 goal and the leading team wins, it's a tie. In this case, those who bet on the upper team will lose half of their bet amount. Conversely, if you bet on the weaker side, you will win half.

<p dir="ltr">When there is no difference in points between the two teams, only a draw, the lower handicap will win. In this case, those who bet as mentioned above will lose all the bet amount. Conversely, players who bet on the weaker team will receive the entire bet amount.

<p dir="ltr">Calculating Winnings for 1 1/4 Handicap Bets

<p dir="ltr">The 1 1/4 Handicap is Very Popular

<p dir="ltr">Calculating the 1.25 handicap is one of the essential factors for participating in betting. Here are some simple and easy methods to calculate the 1 1/4 handicap points: When the match ends, if the weaker team wins or draws, the players will lose all bets.

<p dir="ltr">But if the lower-hand team wins, you will naturally win all bets. For the case of betting on the upper team but only having one point left. In this case, those who bet as mentioned above will only lose half of the bet amount.

<p dir="ltr">As for those who bet on the lower side, with this result, they will also win half of the bet amount. For the matches where the upper handicap wins and the score is more than 2 points, those who bet on the upper side will receive the full bet amount. Of course, those who bet will lose the entire bet amount.

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<p dir="ltr">Tips and Tricks for Playing 1 1/4 Handicap

<p dir="ltr">One of the factors that help you easily win the 1 1/4 handicap bet is experience. With experience, you will choose the right betting method and timing. When you don't have enough experience, the following tips will help you increase your chances of winning:

<p dir="ltr">Things to Note When Choosing Bets: This is considered the first thing you need to pay attention to before participating in betting. Each bet has different odds, as well as different calculation and playing methods. Moreover, it depends on the first game that the best betting site will offer different betting levels.

<p dir="ltr">Do Not Limit Betting Time: The next principle to note is not to bet until you have entered the game twice. Because the bookmakers can change the handicap odds during the match, you need to calculate to place bets.

<p dir="ltr">Find Reputable Bookmakers: Reputable bookmakers will surely post related information about bets safely, without affecting the players' psychology.

<p dir="ltr">Things Not to Overlook When Playing 1 1/4 Handicap Bets

<p dir="ltr">Introduction to Points to Note When Betting on 1.25 Handicap

<p dir="ltr">The thing to note when participating in the 1.25 handicap bet is not to bet based on feelings. Instead, rely on your analysis. Doubling bets is one of the most famous and useful strategies when betting. So when playing the 1 1/4 handicap bet, you can also use this tactic.

<p dir="ltr">To bet 1/4 effectively, you should also regularly monitor the fluctuation of odds in casinos. If the stronger team leads away from home, the odds will still be 1/2-1. Bet on the bottom team first.

<p dir="ltr">Bet on the home team when the Asian handicap odds rise to 1/4. Apply this method when the European handicap odds tend to be a draw. If the European handicap gives 1/4, bet on the away team. Similarly, when the Asian handicap gives 1/4, bet on the away team. When the handicap odds decrease but the betting odds increase, you should bet on the other team. The odds have decreased from 1 to 0.75, and the previous payout ratio has increased. To compete, you should bet on the bottom team.

<p dir="ltr">Hopefully, with the above article, you will understand what the 1 1/4 handicap bet is like. Wish you successfully apply the shared experiences to win the 1.25 handicap bet. At the same time, earn a significant reward when betting on this type of bet.

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